We inform you here with that our website uses so-called cookies for its operation for purpose of improvement of the services provided.

What are cookies

Cookie is a short text file sent from the visited website to the browser. It enables the website to record the information about your visit, for example your preferred language and other settings. The next visit can therefore be easier and more productive. Cookies are important. Without them the browsing activity would be much more difficult.

Cookies are used for various purposes. For example, we use them to save your settings for safe search, selection of relevant adverts, monitoring of the number of visitors on the website, facilitation of registration of new services and protection of your data.

What cookies are used on website

When you browse our web sites, we record your IP address, how long you stay on the page and from which site you come from. We perceive the use of cookies to measure site traffic and customize your site views as our legitimate interest because we believe we can offer you even better services. Ads targeting cookies will only be processed based on your consent. Our website can also be browsed in a mode that does not allow for the collection of personal data. You can disable the use of cookies on your computer. The retention time of cookies on your device depends on your cookie settings and browser settings.

Process cookies enable websites to provide services the visitors expect, e.g. navigation on the website or access to the secured website areas. Without these cookies the website will not work properly.

Analytic cookies
Google Analytics is an analytic tool of Google company which helps the website and application owners to understand how the websites and applications are used by the visitors. It may use several cookies to gather information and create overviews of the use of the website without Google company learning any personal identification data of the individual visitors. The main cookie used by Google Analytics service is the file __ga.
Besides creating overviews of the usage statistics for websites, Google Analytics service together with advertising cookies can be used to display more relevant advertisements in Google services (e.g. Google browser) and on the internet.

Extensions, social plugins and third-party systems
A web presentation may require extensions, so-called social plugins (e.g. the Facebook button “Like”, Twitter list of tweets etc.) or third-party systems, such as Google Analytics mentioned above. The concrete form, number and purpose of the cookies saved in your browser from third party providers is in sole responsibility of the provider of this service / these services.

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