Croatia has several entries on UNESCO’s list of the world’s natural and cultural heritage.
Visit interesting sights, sights, cities and localities in the area.



    For centuries the capital city of Dalmatia and today a centre of the region is a town with the rich monuments heritage of the world significance that you can see everywhere around you: Roman Forum from the 1st century, St. Donatus Church from the 9th century – the most famous mediaeval basilica that



    It is situated on the Adriatic coast, 11 km northwest above the city of Šibenik. The town was in the Middle Ages besieged by the Turks, but due to its fortification withstood the raids. The fortification has not been preserved till today, an overwhelming majority of it has been disassembled and used



    A lot of Mediterranean cities boast only one fortress but solely the Croatian city of Šibenik has four. It points to a strategic position of this town and its former importance. The city of Šibenik lies in the place, where the River Krka flows into the Adriatic, and was founded in the second half of



    It is a small agricultural municipality and a port separating Vrana Lake from the inland. Most visitors are pleased by the beaches with sandy or pebbles or by a shadow of pine forest. You can also enjoy the home-made specialities such as cheese, pršut (dry pork ham) and lamb. The seafood lovers can



    The Croatian Krka national park is a system of cataracts, cascades and waterfalls, under which you can also have a swim. You can also take a minicruise along the canyon of the River Krka to the Roški waterfall – Roški slap and to the small island of Visovac, where the Franciscan monastery and museum



    The Kornati national park consists of 147 bigger or smaller islands. The Kornati is searched out for its unique character of islands. You can find big cliffs, coastal caves, rocks and evergreen areas of forests here. The Kornati is searched out by the tourists, who love nature and quiet. In the archipelago



    The royal city of Biograd, in translation White City on the sea, reached its greatest flowering in the 10th and 11th centuries, when it became a centre of the Croatian empire. You can find the numerous religious buildings here such as St. Ante Church, St. Roche Church and St. Ivan Basilica. Today it

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